authorImage-Tim Chastain-45f7df48-84ad-4898-aa80-bb57e47e4762.jpgMy name is Tim Chastain. I am a singer/songwriter for a band called Eight Days After. I had recently been employed by Mohawk Industries, but felt held back from achieving my dreams for my family. I started working at Liberty Tax® in 2013 as a Marketer in Chatsworth, GA for Alex Davis. 

As I learned about the Liberty culture, and what was expected of me, I got the opportunity to coordinate the 2013 and 2014 Road Side Parties for the City of Refuge. The City of Refuge is an outreach ministry committed to making real change in the lives of those struggling in today's society by addressing the needs of the disadvantaged regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender or disability, and to help integrate them back into society to lead healthy functional lives. Their motto is "Providing a Hand-Up, Not Just a Hand-Out.” Their willingness to provide the less fortunate with an opportunity to grow within society has urged Alex Davis and his Liberty Team to help. 

Some of the things Alex and his team are doing to give back is providing a drop off location in our stores for non-perishable goods. We offer an opportunity for our clients to make a donation to City of Refuge and in return they receive a discount off of their tax preparation fees. Our most profitable event is our Road Side Party. It is made up of several different vendors, local business' and city officials, along with various entertainment to create a fun filled day for all ages. For the past four years, it has helped bring our community and local business' together, while creating an awareness to the City of Refuge. 

One particular story is Whitney Alison Massey. She and her family of four live in Dalton, Ga. For almost 2 years Whitney and her family had to receive help from the City of Refuge. This past season, Whitney and her family was driving by our Dalton Road Side Party and decided to stop in and check it out. Her kids were so excited! They saw a petting zoo, firetruck, a race car, big inflatables and live entertainment. While she and her family were enjoying the activities and free food, Whitney realized the event was for the City of Refuge. It made her excited to know the community was sponsoring an event for something that had greatly helped her family during hard times. 

Since then, Whitney attended our free tax school. She is now an employee of Liberty Tax® and works at our Dalton East location. She is excited about her new journey and she plans to climb to the top. She wants to become a Liberty Tax® Franchisee owner and share her story just like Alex Davis and John Hewitt did. Currently I was asked by Alex Davis to attend the City of Refuge Banquet Dinner held at the North GA Trade and Convention Center in Dalton, GA. It was an honor to accept the 2014 Corporate Partnership Award on behalf of Alex Davis and our Liberty Tax® team. Its nice to receive awards and be recognized for your achievements. 

As I sit here writing this, in my heart, the real achievement and award doesn't come from a plaque or trophy. It comes from knowing you took the time to make a difference in someones life by going the extra mile. As the old saying goes, "What goes around, comes around." So what's your story? I'm glad to be apart of the Liberty Tax® Family.