David Perez post photo da142d29-d0ab-4f10-9060-c9319ffacb3a“Where there is unity there is always victory.”

On January 23, 2014 there was an unfortunate tragedy where a fire destroyed an apartment complex where one of Liberty team members Kris lived. Thankfully, his apartment was saved and no one was injured but the fire did destroy many personal belongings and displaced six families who lived there. Once our office found this out we knew that it was our duty to help out these families in a time of need. Kris and our team had a meeting immediately and coordinated a fundraising event for these families within 48 hours. Kris and our general manager personally met with each family to find out what they all needed. A list was made and it all went from there. Our team contacted all of our local marketing partners and gathered donations to help out the families in need.

On January 25, 2014 Liberty Tax® hosted a roadside party benefit and invited the community to attend. We contacted the local news crew to come out and do a live remote to get publicity. We collected clothes, baby items, furniture, and non perishable items. One of our partners donated hotel rooms for the families to stay for a week and another donated food for every family for the entire week. There were lines of cars around the parking lot of our office with people dropping off box after box of donations. The turnout was so good that we rented a storage unit to keep all of the items to divide and distribute to the families. Our staff volunteered to drive these families to and from the storage unit and even hand delivered special items. We also offered free tax preparation for all six families.

Our Liberty Team came through for all those who were affected by this tragedy. We still continue to support these families as much as possible. Kris and our team made this a memorable event and showed how important it is to help others.


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