authorImage-AnnaMysierowicz-bd6829a6-cc84-4116-a9ed-7b5c1353d717.jpgThis year was my husband, Jordan, and my first time using Liberty Tax®. Boy do we wish we would have gone there years ago!

It seems that every year we try someone different to file our taxes and every year we aren't impressed with the amount of time or money it costs us. I asked around on a local Facebook classifieds site where a good place to have your taxes done was and the numerous responses to "Liberty Tax®!" led us to try it out.

We are so pleased with Sandy who helped us out tremendously. She was quick and the fees we paid weren't near as much as what we paid at a competitor last year!

We also had to bring our one year old son along, due to our babysitter backing out at the last minute. When we apologized to Sandy she said with a smile, "It's no problem, we love kids here!" That was a relief because many places aren't very kid friendly. There also were snacks and refreshments available which was a nice perk.

 I have told all of my friends and family about Liberty Tax®. My husband and I no longer have to bounce around each year, we have finally found where we belong.