Abhinav Mehta authorphoto 8b006906-bf7b-46a4-ad6d-b6826f661a5dWhile I was in my junior year in college, I was becoming increasingly desperate because I still didn't know what I wanted to do when I graduated, and I didn't have any relevant accounting work experience to be able to find a good job. This is when I found an amazing opportunity with Liberty Tax® that I won't ever forget.

In Defiance, the town where I lived and went to college, there was a new Liberty Tax® office opening and the owner, Mary Geckle, was hiring tax preparers. Realizing how amazing an opportunity this was, I applied immediately, and was overjoyed when I was hired and trained. The work I was doing at the tax office was directly relevant to what I was learning in class in college, and I also realized the work experience was preparing me for a career after I graduated.

So I continued to work for Mary Geckle throughout the 2013 tax season as a tax preparer, and was hired again for this year’s tax season. I also learned quite a bit from Mary directly during 10 weeks of tax training. This training, combined with the work experience, was brilliantly preparing me to become a knowledgeable tax professional.

Then a couple of months into the tax season, Mary sent me an email about a University of Phoenix full-tuition scholarship opportunity through Liberty Tax®. Going to graduate school was one of my most important goals because it was essential if I wanted to become a CPA, but I was always worried about the cost. Again, I realized how amazing an opportunity this could be, so I applied immediately. Fast forward a few months, and in May I received a call from Liberty Tax® congratulating me on winning the full-tuition scholarship to the University of Phoenix!

I am still quite amazed at this perfect opportunity, and I can't thank Liberty Tax® and the University of Phoenix enough for making this possible. I also must thank Mary Geckle, who gave me a wonderful job at the Liberty Tax® office for two tax seasons and who informed me about this scholarship. I really am quite surprised how much my life has changed for the better since I've become involved with Liberty Tax Service®.