Teaching stress. Not enough hours in the day. Too much paperwork as a special education teacher. Spring break was right around the corner and I still had my taxes to do over break. *big sigh*. I have a friend who has a Liberty franchise in Richmond, Indiana, who I met while volunteering with Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps where our sons march together.

Last year, I had mentioned "I'll let you do my taxes next year,"...and nothing more was said. One week ago I posted my frustration on Facebook about having to spend time completing my taxes, as well as that of my daughter. Soon, I saw a FB message, "Hey! I thought I was doing your taxes this year." That was all it took. We texted, e-mailed, and did a FaceTime chat and all the paperwork I had organized for myself was boxed off and certified mailed for Liberty of Richmond to complete for me. I got a text that it would be started this week…. just a few days after it was received. I cannot tell you the relief and sheer joy this brought to my face. I knew that my documents were in good hands and that the taxes would be completed correctly and efficiently. There is no better feeling.....other than knowing I had the week to myself without the stress of doing the tax work. Thank you, Liberty, and Diana!!