Liberty Tax® was an amazing help when tax season came around. It was my first year having to get my taxes done on my own. Unfortunately, I was having problems obtaining my W-2 forms from my employers and because one of my employers never sent me a W-2, I could not get my taxes done. One day, I finally decided I would just go to the local Liberty Tax® and see if they could help me. Upon arrival a Liberty Tax® employee acknowleged me right when I walked in, which I liked a lot. After a short wait I was able to be assisted. I explained my situation with my W-2s and imediately they knew what to do. She explained that i could possibly look my last W-2 up online. She went to a website on her computer and allowed me to use her phone to call Price Rite and find my employer store code and PIN. Then we looked up the W-2 online and she was able to finish my taxes. I had a great experience on my first visit to Liberty Tax® and I will,happily be returning there next tax season and whenever I have questions. Thank You Liberty Tax®!! You guys are awesome!!