Irs Tax Extension

It's almost the tax filing deadline, and you’ll never get your taxes ready in time. Don’t panic. You can get an automatic 6 months extension from the IRS by filing Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Tax Return.

That’s the good news. Filing a tax extension does NOT mean that you receive an extension on taxes owed. You will need to estimate how much tax you owe and include the payment with your extension form.

If you are in the military and serving in a combat zone on filing deadline, you have an automatic 180-day IRS extension for filing, paying any tax due and filing a claim for a refund.

Military personnel not serving in a combat zone, but stationed outside the U.S., are allowed an automatic two month extension. However any tax due must be paid by the filing deadline.

You can file Form 4868 through the mail or electronically. You can pay any tax owed by credit card. Your Liberty Tax® office will be happy to file your IRS tax extension for you!