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What do I do now that I've checked to see if I Qualify?

    1. Print and Mail:Download your exemption application. Print and mail it to the address below to receive your Exemption Certificate Number (ECN). NOTE: It could take 2-8 weeks for the Insurance Marketplace to generate your ECN.
      Health Insurance Marketplace - Exemption Processing
      465 Industrial Boulevard
      London, KY 40741
    2. No Exemption Application needed for my return:
- Go to a Liberty Tax Service office for help with filing your return
- File online for FREE using DIY Tax
  1. Do Not Qualify: If the Exemption Guide determined that you do not qualify, visit a local Liberty Tax Service office near you to receive a personal assessment of your tax options.

For any questions regarding your application, please call 1-800-673-8600 or contact your closest Liberty Tax Service.