Federal Income Tax Rates 2019

The federal income tax rates for 2019 determine which tax bracket you fall under and what percentage of last year’s income can be taxed by the IRS. Knowing what federal income tax rates you’re facing for the 2019 tax season provides the foundation on which to calculate your tax rate, file your taxes and maximize your refund.

Your 2019 federal income tax rate is based on your personal income and filing status. The recent tax law has changed what the federal income tax rates are for 2019 and how to calculate your current tax rate. It may have also affected how much of your income is subject to federal taxes (depending, of course, on how you file).

Below, you’ll find the information you need to calculate your federal income tax rates and be better prepared for the 2019 Tax Year.


2019 FEDERAL INCOME TAX RATES - Schedules x, y, and Z, Single, Married, Head of Household