Independent Contractor Accounting Software

As an independent contractor, you face unique challenges in invoicing, reporting, and managing receivables. Liberty Accounting provides independent contractor accounting software to make these processes a whole lot

Our software has multiple features in place to help you simplify your books.


  1. Reports – Invoices, Accounts Receivable, Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets
  2. Reporting Expenses in a Snap
  3. Instant Invoices
  4. Support

Benefits for Independent Contractors

As an independent contractor, managing the books is one of your core responsibilities. Come tax time, you’ll be thankful for the numerous benefits that come with our software, such as:

  1. Data Security (256-bit encryption)
  2. Access from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop
  3. The Ability to Organize and Automate Data

Getting Started

If you’re an independent contractor looking for a way to manage your books without hiring a bookkeeper, then say hello to Liberty’s cloud-based accounting software. Keep track of all of your invoices, receivables, expenses, and more with our easy-to-use software for just $20 per month. Take your FREE test drive and see if you like it!

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Make it Rain Information with the Cloud


dashboard of Liberty small business accounting software
Drive your business with a quick and easy overview of the data you want and need to see.
mobile small business accounting software
Take It With You
Go mobile by accessing your business account from anywhere at any time.
custom invoicing with the Liberty small business accounting software
When the job is done, create custom invoices that are easy to understand.

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