Enhanced Audit Assistance

In case of audit, we'll face the tax authorities for you.

PROFESSIONAL Liberty Tax® Professional Audit Assistance is  FREE to All Liberty Tax® Customers

 Get free Professional Audit Assistance from the tax  professionals at Liberty Tax Service® when you file with Liberty Tax®. As the only  online tax company to offer this free service to its customers, Liberty Tax®  guarantees professional support throughout the entire process for those audited  by the IRS or their state. This is just one more way Liberty Tax® strives to make  filing easy, convenient and more affordable for all of its customers.

The Liberty Professional Audit Support Process

  1. Simply choose Liberty Tax® to file your 2015 federal and/or state tax return. Once your return is successfully filed (via efile or print & mail) and accepted by the appropriate taxing agency, you are eligible to receive Liberty Tax®'s Professional Audit Assistance.

  2. If the IRS or your State's Department of Revenue contacts you for auditing purposes, contact Liberty Tax® through the Customer Support Link on your account and a Liberty Tax® audit specialist will be assigned to help you through the process. Conditions apply; see Terms and Conditions for details.

Your Liberty Tax Service® Professional will:

  • Explain to you what you can expect during the audit of your 2015 individual tax return.
  • Review and discuss with you the notice from the IRS or State regarding your 2015 tax return.

Need help with it all? Try our Enhanced Audit Assistance for !  

Enhanced Audit Assistance

With Enhanced Professional Audit Assistance (available for  an additional fee), your Liberty Tax Service® Professional will perform the  following duties:

  • Recommend ways for you to prepare for the audit,  including providing guidance as to what types of records the IRS or State may  be requesting.
  • Assist you whenever possible with responses that  you will need to send in response to the communications from the IRS or State  regarding your 2015 tax return.
  • Go over all the results with you after the audit  is complete and discuss with you possible next steps.

*Liberty Tax Service® does not provide legal representation.  Audit services constitute tax advice only. Consult an attorney for legal  advice. Void where prohibited. To view complete terms and conditions, click here.