Online Estates, Trusts and Gifts Course

There will be an Online Estates, Trust & Gifts course starting September 22 and continuing until October 29. The course will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern time. If you cannot make the Live class at that time, the classes will be recorded and available for replay until 7/31/10.

This course is not an introductory course and is designed for the more experienced tax preparer. Independent study during the course is strongly recommended. The following materials will be covered in the class:

  • Preparing Form 1041
  • Final 1040 & Estate Form 1041
  • Estates, Gifts & Trusts Tax Topics


There is a cost of $199.00 for this course which covers the three books needed, one for each Part.

The course is listed on the homepage of ZeeNet. Students will need a ZeeNet login, that is provided by the office, to access the registration links and the class recordings. Use the Training registration system to register yourself or one of your employees for this course. Please include the name of the Student registering for the course, the entity # they’re associated with and the address to send the books. Make sure the student’s STATUS is set to “available”. The Entity account will be billed $199.00 for each registration. For employees of the entity, you will need to collect their registration fees.

If you or one of your employees has any questions, send an e-mail to EstatesTrustsGifts@libtax.com

Registration: Webex Registration


Class 1 - 9/22 - Form 1041 Class 2 - 9/24 - Form 1041 Class 3 - 9/29 - Form 1041 Class 4 - 10/1 - Form 1041
Class 5 - 10/6 - Form 1040 Class 6 - 10/8 - Form 1040 Class 7 - 10/13 - Form 1040 Class 8 - 10/15 - Form 1040
Class 9 - 10/20 - Estates, Gifts & Trusts Class 10 - 10/22 - Estates, Gifts & Trusts Class 11 - 10/27 - Estates, Gifts & Trusts  


Book PDFs:

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