ACA“Get Your Affordable Care Act Together.” -Gordon D’Angelo  

On a recent radio talk show, Liberty Tax® owner Ray Nations put it about as plain and simple as it gets, “If a hurricane is coming, you prepare.” 

He was referring to preparation for the tumultuous changes that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will bring about. It isn’t going to be pretty folks. Some of our elected officials admittedly did not read the entire bill regarding the Affordable Care Act and followed Nancy Pelosi’s directions, “We have to pass it, to know what’s in it.” Now Americans are faced with a law they must abide by with few understanding it. 

During the live talk radio show, Gordon D’Angelo, co-founder and Chairman of NEXT Financial Group, Inc., and Ray Nations urged listeners to seek professional assistance to learn how the ACA will impact them. D’Angelo praised the free ACA seminars that Liberty Tax® offers as a continuation of their commitment to community outreach. Nations talked about the free pamphlets available to the public by just stopping into a Liberty Tax location. To hear the informative show in its entirety, play the snippet below. 


Both men stressed the impactful changes to come. D’Angelo referred to some as “surprising impacts,” adding some individuals may believe that they are covered because they have insurance and that belief may cost them. “Questions are cheaper than penalties,” D‘Angelo states while urging people to take last year’s tax return to a professional at Liberty Tax®.  

Changes have already been made, including a full year reprieve for large employers on having to offer health insurance to all employees. Small businesses are scrambling to ensure they don’t qualify as a large employer because, under the ACA, if two part-time employees work 15 hours a week, they are considered one full-time employee. Fifty full-time employees qualify a business as a ‘large employer’ and that changes the rules for a business under the ACA. 

It’s time to “place the plywood on the windows” – call Liberty Tax Service® at 1-866-871-1040 to locate an office near you. Bring last year’s tax return to a local Liberty Tax® office and find out how the ACA will impact you.