When it comes to tax filing season, one good strategy for people to remember is to try to avoid waiting until the last minute.

A recent report in Vermont's Rutland Herald newspaper notes that this advice is particularly relevant in the current filing season because of the various tax code changes and new deductions that were introduced under last year's stimulus bill. Everything from new car purchases to unemployment benefits to energy efficient products will be relevant in the current filing season.

The newspaper cited the general complexity of the tax code, as well as its recent changes, as a good reason for people to consult with a professional tax preparer as opposed to going it alone.

Another reason to get a head start on filing season is that a number of states undertook their own efforts to improve their economic situations over the past year, and it may take time to become familiar with any such changes that could apply.

Overall, getting an early start at tax filing time is a good way to ensure peace of mind and to avoid any stress and rushing around that can come from waiting until the last minute.

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