Black Friday is a ritual for many people. If you’ve never participated in it, be prepared. It’s not like strolling into the store on any other day. According to Bloomberg, in 2014 over $50 billion dollars was spent in stores and over 133 million people went shopping on this single day. Even with the additions of Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday, Black Friday still remains the ultimate annual shopping day.


Get Some Rest
This day is a test of physical stamina and willpower. You want to make sure you are well rested before venturing into the madness. For some stores, Black Friday is now starting as early as Thursday at 6pm! Try to take a nap if you plan to hit those sales right after your meal, you don’t want to be completely miserable standing in long lines.

Pack a Snack

Build a to-go bag with your essentials for the outing. We suggest something all natural and filling, like Lärabars. Another great thing to keep in supply is water. It’s important to stay hydrated with all of the walking and corralling you’ll do on Black Friday. P.S. Don’t forget the coffee! You’ll need a caffeine boost for this crowd.   
Go Mobile
There are two ways to purchase from most stores these days, brick & mortar and online. The great thing about your smartphone is that it allows you to do both. That means while you’re out, you can take advantage of online deals or check if a store has items in stock. Plus, if your location is out of stock, this is a great way to see if another store has it.
Get Deals - Don’t Get Dealt
Just because a sign says something is on sale, doesn’t mean it’s the best deal. Many items on sale for Black Friday will have an even better sale at a later date, especially toys. Stores increase their supply of toys on the shelves as it gets closer to Christmas, where you’ll see larger reductions in prices. Also, hold off on linens until January when they’re deeply discounted during white sales.
Avoid the Chaos
If you’re trying to keep your shopping stress to a minimum, there are other options. Most stores have sales on their websites and offer free shipping throughout the holidays. And with sites like Amazon, you may be able to find the item you want for a lower price and without the hassle of waiting in line to buy it. 


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