The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides free to low-cost comprehensive health coverage to low income children, and in some states pregnant women. Children covered under CHIP meet the insurance requirements under the ACA to be exempt from the penalty. The CHIP benefits can vary by state, but all states are required to provide comprehensive coverage such as: routine check-ups, prescriptions, immunizations, doctor’s visits, dental, vision, emergency services and more. Routine wellness child visit are completely free and other services may require a minimal co-pay. Unlike traditional health insurance plans, there are no designated enrollment periods to apply for CHIP. You can enroll anytime of the year, with coverage starting immediately. 



New study reveals nearly one million are covered under CHIP

4.5 million Uninsured kids were eligible for Medicaid/CHIP in 2014

More than 60% of kids were eligible for CHIP as of 2014.

Today, the participation rate in the Medicaid/CHIP rose over 90%

Click here for more results from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study



To learn more about qualifying for CHIP, click here. You can apply directly with your state Medicaid and CHIP agency or online at

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