Navigating the nuances of the tax code can be a complex process that many people find is best handled by a skilled tax preparer.

Despite calls from many quarters for simplification of the tax code, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman suggested in a speech this week that such efforts are unlikely to succeed in the foreseeable future. Instead, he suggested that the agency should be more focused on working smarter and more efficiently.

"We must be realistic. In today's global and diverse economy, business and tax laws are going to remain complex. However, that does not mean we have to surrender to complexity or be reduced to tilting at windmills," said Shulman, adding that the IRS is "trying to evolve our programs to deal with an ever more complex world."

People are likely to find this year's tax code somewhat more complex than in past years because of the increased number of deductions made available to them in the federal stimulus bill that became law last spring.

With these things in mind, consulting with a professional tax preparer is especially useful because of the potential to maximize one's deductions and other benefits.

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