I had a unique opportunity to hear Congressman Adam Kinzinger speak this past week in Joliet, Ill. at a Joliet Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

The young Congressman reminded the audience that the most important thing Congress can do is to get out of the way of business owners.

"My job is to make you think less of my job," Kinzinger said.

He feels that Congress often gets in the way of businesses and prevents them from doing business.

"The role of the federal government is to protect you, provide infrastructure and stay out of your life," the 11th District Congressman said.

As part of Kinzinger's suggestions for improving the economy he feels that companies should be able to bring money back to the United States that is currently invested overseas without taxation.

"I don't know if it should be a one day holiday or for a certain time period, but we have to allow companies to bring back that money (without being taxed)."

Kinzinger mentioned several times about how personal the attacks from others in Washington has become.

Congress certainly has its work cut out for them with unemployment rates at or mover than double digits, finding a solution to a major debt crisis, and finding solutions to expiring taxes including the 18.4 cent a gallon gasoline tax.

The Congressman also pointed out that Illinois has much work to do on making its environment more business friendly.

"It is beyond just an idea that businesses are going to leave Illinois, now they are talking about it," Kinzinger said. "They are leaving and going to Indiana (a similar state) with a business friendly climate."

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David Rocci


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