Recently, President Obama asked Congress to consider an extension of unemployment benefits allowing workers to receive up to two years of benefits. Currently, in some states people can receive benefits up to 99 weeks.

However, it has been proven that the more lucrative the benefits for the unemployed, the less likely people are to return to work. Duh!

Many American are unemployed, and to those who are actively pursuing a career and are willing to work, I am truly sorry and compassionate for you and your family. However, there is another portion of the population that is abusing the system and it is becoming costly to the tax payer.

If Congress were to approve this extension, which would be difficult to get both parties to agree to, it would cost the tax payers nearly $45 billion.

The last time I checked the United States of America had over 312 million people living in this grand land from sea to shining sea. That population number includes children and those unable to work due to disability, retirement, or other causation.

Assuming all 312 million people are working that comes to a little over $144 per person paying taxes to extend the unemployment benefits.

It is time for us to wake up!

When people are faced with a difficult time, you improvise, you create, you fight, you claw, and you find a solution to your problem. Most of us are procrastinators and thus we carry that same type of attitude to our job search.

My suggestion: First and foremost, states need to initiate an appropriate way to audit the unemployed and their efforts to find a job. Some states have no true way to audit the applications or lack thereof.

Second, while the unemployed are out of work, have them do something productive for their community. Clean, build, teach, or lead a community project. It would be great experience to add to a resume.

Finally, offer corporations incentives to hire someone who has been unemployed. This will assist both the unemployed person and the company doing the hiring.

I understand that this is a unique time in history, and as I mentioned before, I'm truly sorry for those who are unemployed, but for those abusing the system, I'm sick of it. With this $144, plus all of the other taxes to pay down the national debt, I'm concerned that I will be working just to pay taxes.

Thankfully, I work at Liberty Tax Service®s and I know that I have the best tools to help me with that battle, and so do you. Come visit us today!


David Rocci


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