We’re in the final stretch of the 2015 tax season! By now you’ve heard that April 18 is the tax filing deadline to submit 2015 returns. This means you have just a few more days to file on time or file for an extension. Check out these last-minute tax tips to help you cross the Tax Day finish line like a champion.

  • Request a tax extension. Instead of racing against the clock, consider filing for a tax extension with Form 4868 by April 18 to avoid late filing penalties and receive six more months to submit your return. Keep in mind, an extension does not give you more time to pay if you owe the IRS. Ready to request? Liberty Tax® Online now lets you file a tax extension for free!


  • Consider making payments. Can’t pay the full amount you owe on your tax return? Request an installment agreement with Form 9465 or apply for online payment by April 18. Making monthly payments to the IRS can help reduce or eliminate your payment of penalties.


  • Check your work. Filing taxes is a marathon, not a sprint. Take the time to double check your numbers if you’re preparing your own return. Math errors are among the top mistakes taxpayers make, and online tax applications don’t always catch amounts that are entered incorrectly. Remember, if you catch a mistake after you submit, you can always file an amendment.


  • Visit a professional. If you want your taxes done quickly with accuracy guaranteed, see someone who is familiar with the tax code and can get you all the deductions you deserve. Most Liberty Tax® offices are open during extended hours now through midnight on April 18 to serve you. Contact your local office to make an appointment and find out what Tax Day celebrations are in store for you.


  • Get your freebies! We’re not the only ones celebrating Tax Day! Stores and restaurants will be celebrating too, so take advantage of the Tax Day Freebies near you.


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Thank you to everyone who chose Liberty Tax® for your tax preparation needs this year and helped make this tax season a great one. Congratulations – You’ve won the race in our book!