my refund picThe current state of the economy has left so many of our clients in need of refunds - and, it's fair to say, no one knows the plight of the average American better than the staff at Liberty Tax®.

We believe it is imperative that ALL members of our nationwide team build up a rapport with each client and take the time to get to know them. We hear everything from heart-breaking stories to inspiring tales of success and strength, and we love documenting them for 'My Refund Story.' 


Liberty Tax® will once again be hitting the road to capture all your stories, and we'd love to know how our clients are using their refunds. Are they putting down payments on that house they've always wanted? Getting their children new uniforms for school? Paying off student loans? Or, better still, using it to have some fun for a family trip to Disneyland?!  

It doesn't matter what the story is, we want you to send us your story, which can be done in written form with pictures, or if you prefer a video diary.

We will choose six lucky winners and surprise them with a HUGE check when they least expect it. And what could be better than me showing up at your door offering you money when you least expect it?!

Please don't miss out on the chance to spread the word or you can enter yourself at 

Contest runs through to April 16 2012.