Quick question. Who likes to wash clothes? Not me!

And who here earns enough to get their work clothes regularly dry-cleaned? I may be Miss Liberty Tax® but I’m not made of money!

Being Miss Liberty Tax® 2011 affords me many perks; an occasional free upgrade to first class, custom-made dresses, getting to see the country, my make-up done by experts and now – my washing done for less!

How you ask? Well, through learning about tax ‘loop holes’ in my role I now find myself paying attention to the finer details. Let me share with you all some insider tricks of the trade. If this doesn’t save you money on fabric softener I’ll eat my crown!

If your employer requires you to wear work clothes or uniforms that are not suitable for everyday wear you may deduct the cost and upkeep.

You can also deduct other work-related expenses, like the amount you spent on tools used in your work or union dues, job-related magazines and books. If you are taking classes related to your current job to improve your performance, these educational expenses may be deductible too.

Let us at Liberty Tax® help you save money on your taxes this year.