A large number of tax credits are available to help consumers either reduce their liability or receive a bigger refund from Uncle Sam. However, many credits are restricted to those within certain income brackets or facing different obstacles. But there are some credits for which every American may be eligible.

Americans who make charitable contributions should make sure they reap the rewards during filing season by claiming it as an itemized contribution on their tax returns. Both cash and non-cash contributions made to charities and nonprofit organizations can be claimed as long as consumers keep detailed records and receipts of their donation.

Consumers who recently relocated for work may also be able to write off certain relocation expenses, under the condition the distance to their new work location from their former home is at least 50 miles longer than their previous commute. Additionally, consumers have to show they have been employed for at least 39 weeks out of 12 months in the vicinity of their new job.

Some tax credits related to energy efficiency will expire at the end of 2010, making it important for consumers to meet with their tax preparer before the year's end to determine whether certain energy-related purchases qualify for the tax break.

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