“Help Wanted” are two words you don’t see much of these days.... After watching President Obama deliver the State of the Union address just a few days ago, I got to thinking about our nation’s increasing unemployment rate and our plans to improve it through Obama’s Jobs Bill. I have to say... his speech left me feeling somewhat optimistic. As I thought about my role as a small business owner, I began feeling even more hopeful. I realized that I am just one very small part of a system spread across North America and that, as a Liberty Tax® Franchisee, I am doing my part to offer jobs in a nation where there are many in need. You see, in my two small Liberty Tax® offices, I currently employ 8 people dedicated strictly to the marketing and promotion of my business. They wave at you as you drive by, and they deliver donuts and candy to your place of business throughout the day. If I have 8 people on my team, how many other jobs are being offered in a system approaching 3,500 offices?

This year, Liberty is taking it one step further and has just launched the search for "America's Next Lady Liberty." This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will give one lucky person the chance to serve as Liberty’s official National Spokesperson for a one year term. The position offers a healthy salary, benefits, the opportunity for travel and an experience that would be impossible to duplicate elsewhere. If I were looking to launch a career in marketing, PR or journalism, I couldn’t think of a better way to get started.  

I know no one asked for my advice but I’ll offer it anyway.... Each candidate considering the position should take a few minutes to drive by your local Liberty Tax® office sometime this month. Chances are, you’ll get some great tips and advice from the person wearing a green dress and a crown out in front. Good luck America!