servicememberMany people recognize Memorial Day weekend as the beginning of summer, as the beaches are filled up with lawn chairs, coolers, and a constant mist of sunscreen. But as everyone celebrates the end of the school year and the start of summer, we should also remember the true meaning of Memorial Day – which is often forgotten and sometimes not even known.

Memorial Day is the day that Americans remember all the soldiers who died while fighting for our freedom. Originally, this day was specifically for remembering the soldiers who died in the Civil War, but it eventually expanded to all soldiers who died as time went on. In 1967, it became a federal holiday and is currently observed on the last Monday of May.

Although technically Memorial Day is honoring the fallen and Veteran’s Day is for honoring the service of our current military, the sacrifice, dedication, and heroism that lies within the heart of each soldier is the same. So … when you see a service member or someone who has served this Memorial Day, thank them for their service and the opportunities that they have given you. In fact, it would be nice if you thanked service members every time you see them. The thank you is well deserved and the least we can do. To all the family members who lost loved ones in battle, Liberty Tax® thanks and remembers you this holiday weekend.

To the fallen who protected our freedoms and to our military members who still do, Liberty Tax® salutes you!