It’s that time of year! Zombies crawl out of coffins. Ghosts and bats swoop overhead. Cult classic horror movies on every channel. Houses covered with cobwebs and mailboxes stuffed with sale papers. And possibly a letter from the IRS. YIKES!

Various situations may have landed you in a cauldron of hot water with the IRS: filing your return yourself with a slight oversight, a tax bill too big to pay out all at once, even getting audited. But never fear if you happen to encounter a tax ghost long after April 15, a tax preparer can walk you through the frightening maze of the IRS. Having a professional tax company on your side can ease your anxiety and answer your concerns if you happen to get a notice from the IRS. And you might learn that these situations are not as terrifying as you originally believed.

Once you put your tax nightmares behind you, you can concentrate on other terrors happening this time of year like children loading up on chocolate and sugar just minutes before bedtime.