prescriptionSetting aside money every month for my medical expenses is one of the best decisions that I’ve made for my family.  When you have two boys that often play “Superman” and try to beat all odds … well, the outcome usually isn’t the best. Let’s just say that my flexible spending account gets used quite often.

I personally buy and carry around a stock pile of SPF lip balm and bandages in my purse at all times. It’s no telling what my boys will get into! Some of you with larger families, though, may have quite a large stock pile of bandages and lip balm. Perhaps a drawer your family lovingly refers to as “the pharmacy.” In that case, here are a few things you might not have in that stock pile that qualify under your FSA without a prescription and they’re actually pretty useful. I’ve also added in a few services that I recently learned are covered by your FSA, too!

  • a lighted magnifier (too many hours at the computer screen)  
  • a home defibrillator (I needed this when my 4-year-old played tackle football) 
  • heat packs and cooling sheets (great to keep in the car) 
  • acupuncture and hypnosis (something I’ve always wanted to try … but it only qualifies under doctor care for certain conditions) 
  • steam inhaler (be ready for the cold and flu season) 
  • gel insoles (for those new boots that are “killer” - literally) 
  • blister treatment (see above) 
  • pain relief eye mask (for those in-laws migraines) 
  • weight loss programs/drugs, health club memberships, and workout equipment (all with doctor recommendation) 

If you don’t contribute to an FSA already, it’s definitely something to look into. Last year, the IRS amended the “use it or lose it” rule for FSA funds. You can now have a certain amount of funds rolled over to the next year so that you can always be emergency ready (find more information on our website about the new FSA changes).  Some items may seem useless right now, but when you are aching and in need of them, they suddenly become priceless. 

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