Taxpayers who are wondering about the daunting task facing the Internal Revenue Service during any given filing season can take a look at some recently released statistics from the tax agency.

According to the recent data, the IRS processed 142.4 million individual tax returns for the 2008 filing season, which marked a 0.5 percent decline from 2007.

Some of the decline was likely due to a recession that saw economic activity significantly curtailed and an unemployment rate that only recently fell back down below 10 percent. With that in mind, the nation's adjusted gross income saw a 3.7 percent decline between 2007 and 2008 to $8.2 trillion.

The IRS also noted that during that same period, taxable income was down 5.1 percent to $5.6 trillion, and total income tax collected was down 6.2 percent to about an even $1 trillion.

Another good reason to consult with a tax preparer and have a return completed is that the large majority of people tend to get refunds. For example, only 13.8 percent of returns in 2007 saw a tax liability, which was said to be largely unchanged from the 2006 figures.

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