calculatorHair loss. Weight gain. Sleep deprivation. Reality is that tax season can do this to you, and to me…that doesn’t sound too fascinating. 

But what about paying off debt, purchasing a gym membership, or affording a family weekend in Florida?   

Doesn’t that sound great?   

Don’t live in fear of Uncle Sam. Avoid unexpected surprises this tax season by using Liberty Tax®’s withholding calculator. 

What I love about this tool is that it allows you to plan ahead and anyone can use it. All you need is your most recent pay stub and income tax return (the rest of the numbers you can estimate) to find out what you will owe or get back in taxes. It’s super easy and simple! 

Imagine having more money in each paycheck instead of waiting for tax season to come around for your refund. Or…take the IRS’s hand out of your pocket and adjust your withholdings so that you owe even less than last year. 

Don’t lose sleep over the uncertainty surrounding your taxes. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you don’t owe at all!  

 Try the calculator for yourself or visit a Liberty Tax® near you!