The IRS announced recently that they will extend help to innocent spouses who are liable for their partner's tax debt.

"In recent months, it became clear to me that we need to make significant changes involving innocent spouse relief," said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. "This change is a dramatic step to improve our process to make it fairer for an important group of taxpayers. We know these are difficult situations for people to face, and today's change will help innocent spouses victimized in the past, present and the future."

Previously, the IRS had a rule that disqualified taxpayers from innocent spouse status if they failed to file for relief within two years.

If you suspect that your spouse is committing tax fraud, you may want to address the situation as soon as possible. It can lead to years of building your defense to prove to the IRS that you didn't know of the fraud and that you are a victim.

IRS doesn't grant "innocent spouse" easily.

In this story on, Tess Vigeland interviews Carol Ross Joynt who found out after husband died that he was being investigated for criminal federal tax fraud. This is a great summary of the struggles that an "innocent spouse" experiences.

"My career was derailed and by getting innocent spouse, it meant that anything that was in my name or our names was mine," Joynt said. "Anything that was in his name, alone, the IRS got."

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David Rocci

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