Is Romney making a mistake?Mitt Romney is making a huge mistake by not releasing his tax returns for the public to view.

That is the one area that I agree after reading this blog at Don’t Mess with Taxes. However, the main argument presented is that Romney may actually be committing tax fraud by not releasing his returns.

The author points out that we have interest in the tax returns because of the “celebrity” status of the Republican candidate.

“Yes, everyone deserves to keep some things from public view. But, when the person who might lead the United States wants to keep secrets about a process, paying taxes, that each of us must participate in, how can he or she expect us to continue to have faith in that system or his or her ability to change it?”

I may be making too much of an assumption on this, but I feel that the blog is implying that Romney didn’t pay his taxes. If that’s the case, then I majorly disagree on this!

If Romney is trying to hide something, which may prove to be true, it certainly isn’t him not paying his taxes. Romney is still a United States citizen and falls under the guidelines and the requirements of the IRS and would be eligible to have his wages garnished for not paying taxes if that were the case.

Romney, even as a Presidential elect, still must follow the laws of our nation. Again, I do agree that Romney is making a mistake by not releasing the information that the public is requesting.

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David Rocci 


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