daylightsavingsYep… it’s that time of year again! Don’t be fooled by the winter weather. Spring is quickly approaching, and Daylight Saving Time is this weekend – starting March 9 at 2 a.m.

Just a brief history lesson. Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of changing sleep times; however, Englishman William Willett is credited for the actual idea of changing clocks forward and backward.

So as you painfully set your clock, watch, and microwave display one-hour ahead, thank these guys. And remember that you are not only losing an hour of sleep, but time is also winding down for you to get your taxes done by the deadline, April 15.  

Gather your important paperwork and pay a visit to your tax preparer to avoid being penalized. Unsure about what paperwork you need? Our Tax Interview Checklist outlines all documentation needed.

Enjoy the longer days and head to your nearest Liberty Tax® office for free advice and accurate tax preparation!

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