job searchPerhaps it’s the renewed hope spring brings after a harsh winter, or maybe it’s running into old friends at your high school reunion; for whatever reason, summertime seems to be the season when people decide to make life changes. Whether it’s moving to a new town, changing schools or even looking for a new job. Summer brings change. As the unemployment rate drops for the first time in years, many people are finding their job search a bit easier this summer.

When hunting for employment, it is important to keep receipts and documentation of your job search. These expenses may be deductible on your tax return and can include:

  • employment and outplacement agency fees, but only if it is a job in your current occupation
  • amount of money spent in preparing and mailing résumés to potential employers
  • travel expenses, but only if the primary reason for travel is to look for a new job

Perhaps you are not currently looking for a new job, but you are thinking about diversifying your skills in order become more valuable for future employment. (FYI: books, seminars, or publications that help you in obtaining new knowledge may be tax deductible as well.) One way to make your future recession-proof is to learn a skill that is invaluable and in high demand. Each year millions of people file their taxes – perhaps Tax School is an option to consider. After all, education can always open up new opportunities for you. Tax School classes are just ten weeks (possibly shorter) and you can sign up at your nearest Liberty Tax® office. With no obligation, fall tax classes are offered at locations across the country free of charge (there is a minimal charge for books and supplies). Tax School can give you an opportunity to work in the tax industry, have flexible hours, and the chance for a bonus at the end of the season. And with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) now in the picture, the demand for tax preparers is exploding.

Learn more about Tax School opportunities on our website. Answers to your questions about the ACA can be found on our healthcare website.

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