As a freelancer or small business owner, you may need manage your various projects from home, the office, or a cafe. You also want a way to manage accounting records for each of your projects. There’s no better way to make this possible than having Liberty Accounting available on a device you take every with you: your Android device!


Today, we released our Android application to the Google Play store. We’re proud to serve our users with Android devices.

The Liberty Accounting Android App will have the ability to perform vital accounting functions. Potential features for the Liberty’s Android Accounting App are:

  • Free Support.
  • Access your financial information, anytime and anywhere.
  • Take snapshots of your receipts to keep them in one place.
  • View calendar appointments and customer info easily.
  • Double-entry accounting.
  • Invoice your clients from anywhere.
  • Keep track of your mileage.
  • Receive bill alerts via text.
  • Save reoccurring products and services.
  • Sync your financial accounts so that you can have access to them from your phone and other devices and forums, such as your tablet or from the web.
  • Track billable hours.

Want to learn more about Liberty Accounting? Download our free app today!

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