Why a Tax Company Cares about Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created an intersection of healthcare and taxes. ACA has changed the healthcare landscape, requiring all Americans to have health insurance, qualify for a coverage exemption, or face a tax penalty. The tax return is where it all comes together. More Americans likely will have to file taxes in a season when new forms and rules may make the process even more complicated.


Our Company’s Approach

Liberty Tax® realized early on that there would be an intersection of healthcare and taxes. Last year, we began to assist individuals with ACA questions, and we expanded our services this year. Many Liberty Tax® offices will have health insurance agents on-hand. Participating offices will provide ACA seminars to taxpayers, assist individuals who need to complete an application for a coverage exemption, and help with health insurance enrollment. We have been in the tax business for more than 17 years, helping millions of taxpayers understand their tax obligations and offering guidance during the tax preparation process.

This year we have opened our doors early to help Americans in the first year for which there are ACA tax implications. We understand the ACA and are ready to help taxpayers from beginning to end – with both health insurance and taxes.


To find out more, visit your local Liberty Tax® office or contact the ACA hotline at 1-800-673-8600.