Memorial Day has become the unofficial start of summer as it is packed with BBQs, trips to the local pool, camping and boating, but in Texas it is also a sales tax holiday.

We are accustomed to sales tax holidays as a way to bring shoppers out near the start of school, but Texas is holding its fifth annual Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday this Memorial Day Weekend.

Refrigerator is for beer and tax savings!Texans are encouraged to purchase energy-efficient appliance without paying state or local sales taxes on the qualifying items.

Energy Star models have claim to cut energy usage in half so buyers will not only save on taxes, but also on utility costs.

This is truly a great benefit to the consumer, but I find it interesting from a tax standpoint and wonder what the motive is for the government entity. Is it a way to give back to the business owner and to drive sales for a certain weekend?

Do you own an Energy Star model and have you found it to be a useful way to spend your money?

Remember, if you do head out this weekend, stay safe and have fun! Also, if you need to plan for your taxes, we work year round and would be more than happy to meet with you! 

David Rocci 


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