new-amended-return-appIf you ever had to mail to the IRS an amended return to correct or update your return, you know it can be frustrating not knowing if your corrections were accepted and processed by the IRS. Furthermore, if you are expecting more money coming back to you, it could be months before you ever saw your refund. A new application on the site will now address those frustrations. Since March 2013, you can now track the status of your amended return using a new web or toll-free application. Go to and click on “Where’s My Amended Return,” or call 1-866-464-2050. With either application, you will need to provide your Taxpayer Identification Number (usually SSN), your date of birth, and your zip code. The new telephone and web applications will provide information similar to “Where’s My Refund?” The new application will allow you to: 1. Confirm Receipt of a Form 1040X Filing; 2. Obtain an update of the current status of a Form 1040X Filing; 3. Receive an estimated time of completion. You can find it at under the “Tools” tab or and click on “Where’s My Amended Return.” Vincent Mangiapane, EA Federal Analyst, Taxbrain