Learning how to succeed in business can be a lifelong process. But as a small business owner, personal and professional growth is a key to your ultimate success.

One of the keys to being a successful entrepreneur or small business owner is taking time for personal growth. Sure, there are the mainstay print publications targeted for small business owners: Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, etc., but sometimes you prefer more salt-of-the-earth resources, from authors who are in the trenches or that really resonate with you.

With the shift in technology and popularity of smartphones, many small business owners use their phone to read when possible. So why not accomplish your professional growth goals using your smartphone? We’ve combed our bookmarks folder to create our top list of online resources and blogs for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Enjoy!


Operations & Finance

Seth Godin – An entrepreneur, marketer, self-help and motivation guru who is one of the most respected business minds in the current era.



Noobreneur – Don’t let the name fool you, this blog is packed with great advice and tips for even the seasoned entrepreneur. With a broad range of topics discussed, it’s a solid resource and rated highly on our list.



Small Business Trends – Exactly as the name suggests, this blog presents popular trends and relevant information for small businesses. Covering a range of topics, it’s one of our most visited bookmarks.



The Shelf Edge – Geared specifically for small retail businesses, its articles provide great insight and market analysis for those who need help growing their retail strategy.



Fundwell – A finance-specific blog that focuses on small business funding and finances. It helps with regular tasks, as well as unique situations while providing helpful insight into your options to solve the problem.




Marketing & Advertising

Contently – A blog geared for big and small business, it provides valuable insight on the best marketing and content practices with case and use studies that are sure to improve your marketing efforts.



Copyblogger – Words matter, and Copyblogger understands that. Learn to write with consumer and reader behavior in mind, and enjoy the numerous free resources and e-books you have access to once you sign up for their free membership.



Social Triggers – Insights to consumer behavior and purchasing habits at its best. This reading is not for the faint-at-heart, but is invaluable if you want to learn how to communicate with your consumers.





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