Monday is Presidents’ Day, and at Liberty Tax Service®, that means free tax returns for those of you lucky enough to have the same last name as one of our 44 presidents.

That means you, Denzel Washington, and you, Amy Grant, and you, Samuel L. Jackson.

It also means you folks who may not be as well-known but who have presidential last names and are new customers at participating Liberty Tax® offices. We know you’re out there. We did a quick check at and found 35 of you named Abraham Lincoln, and 100 named George Washington.

We picked those two names because Presidents’ Day really is thought of by many as a day to honor our first president, George Washington, and our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Both had birthdays in February: Washington, Feb. 22, 1732; Lincoln, Feb. 12, 1809.

And while we’re sharing birthdates, we also figured we’d share a few other fun tidbits about Washington and Lincoln. 

  • George, Washington is actually a city in the state of Washington. It’s southeast of Tacoma and northwest of Walla Walla.
  • U.S. President No. 1 bred hounds, according to He gave them odd names, including True Love and Sweet Lips.
  • Mr. Washington’s favorite breakfast was hoecakes – pancakes made with cornmeal and served with butter and honey, according to They’re usually fried in a pan on the stove, but they can be cooked over a fire on the flat back of a hoe, hence their name.
  • Abraham Lincoln is enshrined in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. He competed in about 300 matches and lost only one, according to
  • The bearded Mr. Lincoln was also an inventor. He’s the only U.S. president to hold a patent.
  • Lincoln established Thanksgiving as the national holiday of the U.S.
  • Although we think of Lincoln as being incredibly tall, he was 6-feet-4, only one inch taller than Washington. 

You can find even more fun presidential facts in our ingfographic, and find your nearest Liberty Tax® office here.

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