• Cardboard box $4.00 each
  • Moving truck 50/day
  • Airfare across the country $437
  • Knowing I can get a credit on all this money spent: PRICELESS!!

If, like me, you have had to move across the country, or have had to up sticks a measley  50 miles you may be able to have your moving expenses deducted. The cost of moving clothes or household items, use of a storage facility, and even the cost of staying in hotels while en route to your new location can all be qualifying deductions! Moving mileage is deductible at 16.5 cents per mile!

This might seem like it's complicated and too much to remember, especially when you're in the midst of trying to get it all together but don’t worry. As always, all you need is to keep receipts and logs for everything and your Liberty Tax® preparer will take care of the rest!

For more information watch my Moving Credit Tax Tip Video!