Relay for Life2What is relay for life…. It is for life…. Cancer research saves lives. 

Relay for Life is people getting together to fundraise for cancer research. Relay for Life is survivors, caregivers, friends, relatives and coworkers.  

Cancer … does not discriminate.  

Cancer does not care how old you are.  

Cancer does not care how many Facebook friends you have. 

Cancer does not care if you haven’t learned to ride your bike without training wheels.  

Cancer does not care where you shop or how much money you make.  

Cancer doesn’t care if your first grandchild is on the way.  

Cancer does not care if it is day or night.  

Cancer does not care what car you drive or who your father is.  

Cancer affects everyone in all walks of life. 

Stop and think for one minute. YOU know someone who has cancer. Some of us know too many people with cancer. Many of us have lost people close to us from cancer.  

The statistics tell us 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men currently have or have had cancer.  

Relay for Life is one way to help beat the statistics. When you raise funds for cancer research there is a benefit to everyone. More research means more birthdays.  

Always remember any donation to any qualified charity is tax deductible. For your convenience, stop in at your local Liberty Tax® office to make a donation.