Sometimes we get caught up in discussions about Fiscal Cliffs, Mileage rates or if your lottery winnings are taxable. But, then the events that tragically happened at Sandy Hook Elementary happen and we realize that we spend a lot of time discussing "things".

I heard Mike Greenberg, a sports analyst for ESPN and popular radio show host for the “Mike and Mike” show proclaim on air today that sports provides an escape from the real world. It was his hope to bring a sense of normalcy to people as they returned to work and school today.

“There’s nothing in the world better than investing everything into something that means absolutely nothing,” Greenberg described his role as a sportscaster.

I could never proclaim to understand what the students, parents, and others who are affected by this tragedy are going through. Nor could I pretend to offer a solution to the evil that presents itself in our culture and cultures around the world.

What I can say, is at times in our life, it is good to take a step back and realize where we are spending our time. Time is truly our most valuable asset. That asset isn’t taxable. It won’t be deducted from a paycheck nor will it earn interest. Uncle Sam won’t give you a rebate or a credit for your time, but your investment in your life will be well rewarded.

Take time to love and cherish those around you, make sure they know you care as our time is limited, due to evil or to nature, it is limited.

If you have some free time this week, feel free to stop into Liberty Tax®, we will let you know how much we care! We look forward to seeing you soon!

David Rocci 


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