Many people are already consulting with their tax preparers and reading up on the many changes that were made to the tax code over the past year.

However, the IRS is reminding people that it can be very easy to make a number of mistakes during filing season that can result in missed deductions, late refunds or other setbacks.

For example, the IRS Web site suggests that electronic filing can make a tax return less prone to errors, and that people who file paper returns sometime end up forgetting to enter their Social Security number on the peel-off label that comes with it.

Other common mistakes are said to include failing to enter income, deductions and credits on the correct lines or with the right totals, forgetting to sign the return, and forgetting to include all required forms with one's return - especially in the event that a taxpayer has more than one job.

People are also advised to be sure to keep copies of their signed return and any relevant schedules for their own records, and to make any payments out to "United States Treasury."

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