Imagine, if you can, a world without rush hour traffic, a serene place where you don't have to get ready every morning and pick a special outfit; no deciding on where to go for lunch - a world where the biggest worry of your day is whether or not you'll shower before noon or just lounge around in your pajamas!

Well, if you're lucky enough to work at home that is your daily routine! And would you believe on top of all these added perks people who work from home can get a significant tax break if they meet certain requirements?!

If your work day starts the moment the coffee maker beeps and you start up your computer then you may qualify. But keep in mind there are strict guidelines that must be followed, so remember it can't be a guest room or where your kids go to play after school.

For more information on what the requirements are to qualify for this credit go to or view my Home Office Tax Tip Video Video.