taxfreeWe all witnessed the unpredictable weather this year – including storms that left inches of snow on the ground and the kids out of school for days at a time. I’m so thankful that I stocked up on much-needed emergency items last year because they were a lifesaver for me and my family.

As a reminder, over the next two weeks, 3 states will be having tax-free sales on hurricane and emergency preparedness equipment. If you are a resident of Louisiana, Virginia, or Florida, make sure you take advantage … the details are below!

Louisiana: May 24-25

This Saturday & Sunday, the first $1,500 of authorized purchases are exempt from the state’s 4% sales tax. Items available for purchase include: portable self-powered light source; portable, two-way, and weather band radios; ground anchor systems or tie-down kits; gas or diesel fuel tanks; batteries (excluding car and boat batteries); cell phone batteries and chargers; non-electric food storage coolers; generators; carbon monoxide detectors; blue ice products; storm shutters; tarpaulin and other flexible waterproof sheeting.

Virginia: May 25-31

All week long, Virginia residents can avoid the 5.3% sales tax on emergency items costing no more than $60 each. These items include but are not limited to: ice packs; batteries; flashlights; lanterns; glow sticks; portable, two-way, and weather band radios; bungee cords and rope; ground anchor systems or tie-down kits; tarpaulin and other flexible waterproof sheeting; bottled water; can openers; food and water storage containers; cell phone batteries and chargers; smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Generators costing $1,000 or less, chain saws costing $350 or less, and chain saw accessories costing $60 or less are also tax free.

Florida: May 31- June 8

Enacted just this year, Floridians can avoid sales tax on certain items, including: 

  • ice packs $10 or less;
  • flashlights, lanterns, and candles $20 or less;
  • gas or diesel fuel containers $25 or less;
  • batteries, first-aid kits, ice chests, and coolers $30 or less;
  • ground anchor systems, tie-down kits, tarpaulin and other sheeting, and radios $50 or less;
  • generators $750 or less.  

FYI: Alabama also observes this tax holiday and has announced the 2015 dates of February 20-22.

It’s important to have an emergency kit in the event of severe storms or other natural disasters. Stock up on your emergency items now, avoid the taxes, and have peace of mind in knowing that you will be prepared for anything coming your way!

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