summerbucketSummer Solstice is almost here - the official first day of summer - June 21.

Kids are out of school, days are longer, nights are warmer, leaving plenty of time for some outdoor fun. 

As a mom, the inevitable summer wail of “I’m bored!” can be like fingernails down a chalk board. I rack my brain on things to do to make summer memorable, fun and maybe slip in an educational slant as well. So I decided to put a quick reference list of activities for all of the parents (and nannies, babysitters, camp leaders, etc.) out there facing the same summer boredom blues. And maybe these will help stop some of the brain drain kids face while school is out.

Grab a pen, make a bucket list and challenge yourself and your family to check off all of the things listed. After this crazy, cold winter – let’s embrace summertime!

Summer Bucket List:

  • Visit a local farmer’s market
  • Pick berries and fruit
  • Build a sand castle
  • Make root beer floats
  • Swing!
  • Tie-dye a t-shirt
  • Camp in the backyard
  • Go fishing
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Ride a bike
  • Play balloon volley ball
  • Watch a baseball game in person
  • Blow giant bubbles
  • Make s’mores
  • Play badminton
  • Play nighttime ring toss using glow sticks 
  • Plant some seeds
  • Make homemade strawberry lemonade
  • Watch fireworks, if legal shot some off
  • Go on a scavenger hunt
  • Turn on a sprinkler – enough said
  • Pack a picnic lunch – on rainy days eat indoor
  • Plan a “field trip” day
  • Build a fort
  • Give your kids a disposable camera
  • Make watermelon popsicles
  • Pop popcorn over an open fire pit
  • Use party streamers to make wind catchers
  • Make Monster Slime or silly putty
  • Find then catch fireflies in your hands
  • Compete in a Lego Build-off
  • Create a slingshot

There is one more cure for “I’m bored!” –> “You are? Then you can help me with [fill in chore here].” With that statement, my boys back up from me so fast they make a beeping sound. 

If it gets too bad, look into summer camps. If you find a camp that qualifies, it might save you some money come tax time. Now that’s using your brain.

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