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Sending Jr. off to summer camp this week? Don’t forget the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. Day camp expenses may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to 35 percent of your allowable expenses.
There are a significant number of tax breaks for which consumers of all different backgrounds may be eligible in any given year. Of course, the trick to people claiming them is knowing which apply to their unique circumstances, and doing a little brushing up ahead of the date by which documents can first be submitted at the end of January.
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When it comes to annual tax filings, this is officially crunch time, but Americans who are still scrambling to get all their documents in order and mailed in on time may want to take an extra hour or two to examine whether they're doing all they can to reduce their liabilities as much as possible, or maximize the size of their returns.
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I forgot to include a second income on my tax return. I forgot to add a dependent and missed out on a tax credit. I filed under the incorrect filing status. Did you prepare your own taxes this year and realize you made a mistake that may have affected your overall tax after it was submitted to the IRS?
The school year is almost over, and most schools have set aside this week to honor the hard work and dedication of our educators.  The work of a teacher never ends so this recognition is well deserved.

“Have you filed your taxes yet?” This seems to be a constant question among friends and family this time of year - until April 15. 

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When you are the parent of two energetic boys, summer day camp can often become your best friend. There’s just one thing – the costs associated with camp can be extra challenging on the wallet. 
I remember my college graduation like it was yesterday. Although I had to say goodbye to all of my friends, I knew that it was a huge stepping stone towards my future … and a taste of the real world.