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With less than one week until the filing deadline, taxpayers across the country are scrambling to finish up their 2009 tax returns.  Here are a few tips to help you avoid tax-time stress! If...

When the IRS delays the filing start date, spending is delayed. Due to the 15-day government shutdown in October, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is delaying the 2014 tax filing season start date until January 31. 

Remember back on April 15, when you asked the IRS for that six-month extension to file your tax return? Well, the IRS tax filing deadline for 2014 is almost here. You must file your 2013 tax return by October 15. If you haven’t already filed, now is a good time to start pulling together the paperwork you will need.
Hi, my name is (enter your name here), and I have yet to file my taxes. Time is winding down, and the April 15 deadline for getting in those returns is right around the corner.
No, that’s not the latest lottery jackpot. Over 12 million taxpayers filed for an extension this year (according to the IRS).
Yep… it’s that time of year again! Don’t be fooled by the winter weather. Spring is quickly approaching, and Daylight Saving Time is this weekend – starting March 9 at 2 a.m.
The countdown is on. In exactly two weeks, the tax deadline will be here. So, if you’ve been too busy following the basketball championships to find time to file your taxes by April 15, your answer may be yes to filing an extension this year.
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