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These days, many Americans are in the final stages of getting their annual tax filings together and want to make sure they're taking full advantage of the benefits being made available to them. Fortunately, there are many tax deductions consumers can claim no matter how much money they make.
You Filed But Have Since Found a Mistake.So how do you go about fixing paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service?
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Let’s start with the basics, like what is a W-4? A W-4 is a Federal forms that tells your employer how much federal tax to with-hold.  You can adjust your with-holding by changing your fil...
So you are an employee (receive a W-2) and you have some business expenses required for your job, but your employer does not pay you for them.  Can you take them off of your taxes? For expenses ...
Trust me. Your taxes aren’t going to file themselves. Even I am guilty of waiting until the last minute.

 Hair loss. Weight gain. Sleep deprivation. Reality is that tax season can do this to you, and to me…that doesn’t sound too fascinating. 


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There’s been some confusion over what happens if you don’t file your taxes by April 15th. Although the IRS doesn’t come knocking on your door, they do expect for every taxpayer to file their taxes on time. 
As I mentioned last week, the tax deadline 2011 is today! To be considered timely filed, your return must be transmitted by midnight local time. Many of your local income tax professionals at Liberty ...