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When it comes to finding someone to do your taxes, you want a person you can trust. After all, you will share with that individual some of your most personal information.
With 9,000 pages, over 4 million words, and an average of one change per day, the tax code is one complex document to decipher. It’s no wonder over 84 million taxpayers will opt to use a paid tax preparer this tax season.

The day to celebrate all the wonderful people that touch our lives will be upon us soon - Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be a restricted to playing cupid and eating chocolates.

Trust me. Your taxes aren’t going to file themselves. Even I am guilty of waiting until the last minute.
If you are one of many workers who has President’s Day off, you could catch the deals and sales or even relax. You may think of it as just another day, but there’s a reason why you’ll be enjoying a wonderful 3-day weekend.